This page will host RobotC documents, drivers and test code to help your team program in RobotC.

ROBOTC Driver Suite

The ROBOTC Driver Suite is a vast library of drivers that supports over 50 sensors for the NXT. While many of these sensors are outside those allowed in FTC, the real magic of the ROBOTC Driver Suite is the capabilities it provides for the sensors within the FTC kit. A perfect example of this is the HiTechnic IR Seeker V2. With the ROBOTC Driver Suite you are given lower level control over the sensor allowing you to ensure the IR Seeker V2 is configured for 1200Hz modulation, the proper frequency to detect the IR Beacon.

This great driver suite can be found here: ROBOTC Driver Suite If you use this code and want to thank the developer be sure to send Xander a note. He is a great example of “gracious professionalism”! Thank you Xander!

Autonomous Program Chooser

FTC Team 1 – Team Unlimited has graciously created and shared an autonomous program chooser program. This program is written in RobotC and is aimed at reducing confusion during match setup associated with selecting the appropriate autonomous program. Rather than remembering the name of the correct program to select, the autonomous program chooser allows you to select a program based on alliance color, side of the field, as well as strategy. The autonomous program chooser, as well as other programs shared by Team Unlimited, can be found on their resources page here: Thanks Team Unlimited!

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